Getting Started

Digital displays (website, powerpoint, can contain videos of your project) will be eligible for BEST in FAIR in 2019 - must be accompanied by a hard copy logbook

Help needed: We need someone to organise and setup the digital displays for it to happen in 2019. Interested please email us.

I have an idea for a project now what do I do?????

Ideas to start you thinking
Planning and carrying out a valid investigation (PowerPoint Presentation; requires MS PowerPoint or OpenOffice)

Will my idea need approval??

Safety and Approval Forms

The Safety and Approval Forms are currently being updated as a result of teacher feedback.

Once you have filled in the form, your teacher will check it, sign it and either say you can start or they may need to send it to to get approval.

Some projects may require special safety awareness, for example using Potting Mix.

Approval Dates

Approval applications will need to be completed by 31st May,

What is covered in a Teachers Workshop?

To view a powerpoint presentation of a Teachers workshop, click here

• For help with understanding what needs to go on a good science board, click here.
• For help with understanding what needs to go on a good technology board, click here.