Getting Started

I have an idea for a project now what do I do?????

Ideas to start you thinking
Planning and carrying out a valid investigation (PowerPoint Presentation; requires MS PowerPoint or OpenOffice)

Will my idea need approval??

A lot of projects do not need approval, and Teachers may be able to approve most projects themselves if they attend a Teacher workshop. Take a look at the flow chart/s to see if you require approval. FLOW CHART page 1, FLOW CHART page 2
Some projects may require you to fill out the appropriate approval forms before starting your desired activities &/or projects. Please do not start until Teacher or MSTF approval has been given. Remember to answer all the questions in the flow chart as you may need more than one approval form depending on your project.

Approval Forms

Your teacher will have all the approval forms so please see them to get you the appropriate form after you have answered all the questions on the flow chart. They will help you to fill it in. If your teacher doesn't have the forms, they need to email and ask for them. The forms will not be sent out to students or parents.

Once you have filled in the form, your teacher will check it, sign it and either say you can start or they may need to send it to to get approval, you can not start your project until you receive approval from either your teacher or MSTF.

If your teacher doesn't have to email the form, they will need to sign that your method is safe and appropriate and you MUST glue it into your logbook. Now you can start your project.

Approval Dates

Approval dates for your information will be available shortly

What is covered in a Teachers Workshop?
To view a powerpoint presentation of a Teachers workshop, click here

Now What?

Once you have received approval, your teacher will give you a copy of the email, please glue this into your logbook and get started.
Any re-submissions requested by the approval committee will need to be made by your teacher and returned within one week of the request being received.

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• For help with understanding what needs to go on a good technology board, click here.