Getting Ready for the Fair

Student Help - Do I need approval for my project?

Approval forms are currently being updated based on teacher feedback, they will be posted as soon as possible

Student Help - What Should Go On My Board?

  • For help with understanding what needs to go on a good science board, click here.
  • For help with understanding what needs to go on a good technology board, click here.

LOGBOOKS are a very important part of your project, please fill it in everything you work on your project. Before Science Fair day please remove your surname, teacher name and school from your book. First names are okay.

Important Forms

These will be updated soon for 2019

  • Certificate of Authenticity & Waiver forms are now combined (per entry) - this form needs to be placed in an open envelope and the envelope attached to the centre rear of your project board. Click here to download
  • Media Release Form (per participant) - to be handed into the MSTF Committee when you bring your board to registration. Click here to download
    During the Fair process, you may be photographed by official photographers. Your family needs to be aware that these photographs will be sent to the sponsors of your prize, and that they may use the photo for promotion purposes.
  • School Entry form for Teachers to fill in will be emailed out. Entries are due in by 5pm on Thursday 8th August 2019. Click here to download

    Teachers - Important

    All entries must be entered on an MS Excel form which will be emailed out to you. All entries need to be emailed in to: by 5.00pm Thursday 8th August 2019.
    Projects to be dropped off at Barber Hall at your scheduled time on Thursday 15th August.

  • S+Art entries – Sustainable Seas Art sculptures to be dropped off on Friday morning between 8am-11am. Please include a sticker with name, year level and school on back of artwork; an optional a blurb explaining your artwork can be on the front. S+Art students are only required to be at Prizegiving on Saturday evening.
  • The venue for 2019 for judging and board registration is the Barber Hall on Waldegrave Street.

    Before Thursday 15th August 2019:

  1. Check your project is complete and tidy.
  2. Attach your log book to your project board with a long piece of string. Please don't staple it to the back of your board. Judges like to read your logbook.
  3. Ensure all school names, teacher names (just say thanks to my teacher), and your surname are covered up (first names are okay). Please refer to parents as mum and dad. Please acknowledge expert help by their name.
  4. Check your Ethics/MSTF approval letters/emails are in an envelope at the back of your logbook.
  5. Cover any photo that shows your face or school uniform. Check names (your surname, your school name, your teacher's name) are not present IN your logbook OR on the cover. First names of students are okay
  6. Make sure you have completed the Authenticity Certificate for your project and have placed it in an envelope on the back of your project board.
  7. Make sure you have completed a Media Release form per participant. Bring this with you as this form is handed in when you register your board.
  8. Projects will be displayed and judged at the Barber Hall.

On Thursday 15th August 2018:

  1. Your school will have been timetabled a specific time to deliver your project to Barber Hall. Please keep to this timetable.
  2. You should be in uniform if your school has a uniform as a photograph of you with your board is going to be taken.
  3. You will register at the desk then set up your board where shown.
  4. Do not bring valuable equipment that you wish to use for the judging process. Bring these with you on Friday. Do not leave valuable things with your board. Take these with you on Friday after judging.
  5. If you are going to be late arriving on Friday night judging (eg you have sport or music), please put a note attached to your board with the time you are arriving/leaving so that the judges know that you are coming/leaving early.

On Friday 16th August 2019:

  1. Be at the Barber Hall foyer by 4:55pm at latest. (The Chief Judge/Convenor is going to talk to you first before you head to your board within the hall).
  2. Be in mufti. Bring a book, a water bottle and a small snack if required. Primary Schools will be finished by 6pm, Intermediate and Secondary by 7pm (7:30pm at the latest).
  3. Check or locate your project on the map - it may have moved a little from when you dropped it off.
  4. Bring a phone so you can text parents when ready for pick up or parents are welcome to wait in the Barber Hall Foyer.
  5. Stay with your board. The judges will walk past if you are gone.
  6. If you go to the toilets, tell your neighbouring competitor.
  7. You will be judged twice at least by main judges and possibly also by special prize judges. You can leave when the Judges or Committee Members say you can go home. You should have at least two stickers on your board by then.
  8. Judges should not be asking what school you are from, they may ask your age (to judge the level of project detail) or your first name (being polite)
  9. Different judges are awarding different prizes and you may have to answer the same questions more than once.
  10. We suggest you leave yourself free until 7:30pm.
  11. If you have arrived late after sport or music, please let someone in a hi-vis vest know that you have arrived so we can make sure you get a visit from your judges.

On Saturday 17th August 2019:

  1. The fair is open for viewing 10:00am - 4:00pm at Barber Hall.
  2. Your teacher cannot tell you if you have won a prize - you will need to be at prizegiving.
  3. The prize giving venue is the Huia Centre at Palmerston North Girls High School - arrive early for a good seat and close parking.
  4. Arrive by 6:30pm in full school uniform if your school has one. Doors open 6.00pm
  5. When called, come up smiling, shake hands, and pause for photographs.
  6. Some prizes must be signed for before you get the cheque. Please sign for prizes after prizegiving in the entrance foyer.
  7. Please treat all cheques like cash, they will not be replaced if you have signed for them

  8. Prizegiving finishes at approximately 8:30pm.

On Sunday 18th August 2019

  1. The fair is open for viewing at Barber Hall from 10am to 12 midday.
  2. You cannot take your board before 11am.
  3. All projects may be collected from 11am - 12pm.
  4. There is no storage, so unclaimed boards will be disposed of. Teachers please tell your students if you are collecting their boards or please wait til 12pm before leaving.
  5. Premier Prize winners and Runners Up for Science and Technology will be interviewed by the Manawatu Standard on Sunday at Barber Hall, please meet at the Committee Space within Barber Hall. Time to be confirmed (has been 11am for the past two years).
  6. Premier Prize winner boards are kept and displayed for two weeks for extra viewing. In 2018, the venue was the PNCC Central Library. These projects will get delivered back to your school.