42nd Manawatu Science & Technology Fair

Congratulations to all Winners and Exhibitors for 2016! Also a huge Thank You to all our Sponsors!

The 2016 Science and Technology Fair was held on Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st August at the Barber Hall, Waldegrave Street, Palmerston North.

This year the Fonterra Manawatu Science and Technology Fair Committee and the Ministry for Pacific Peoples partnered with Graphics Designer and Graduate of Yoobee School of Design – Wellington, Regan Uili to help set the tone for this year’s theme PASIFIKA. Regan offers this helpful exploration of what inspired him in developing this year’s poster:

"Ancient navigation across the Pacific is a great example of science and technology. It gives examples of how knowledge was attained through study or practice, passed on by master va’a (boat) builders and master voyagers, traditional, non-instrument wayfinding methods which relies on navigational signs using the stars and sun, winds and clouds, swells and waves, and even birds and fish. The physics concepts used in sailing really made me think about how science isn’t foreign to Pacific; actually they have been applying scientific methods before the metal compass was invented or GPS (Global Positioning System for that matter. Pacific navigated open ocean voyages using many of the fields of science which made me think that it was a great imagine of not only the Pacific but the sciences that are explored in the whole process of navigation across PASIFIKA."

The Fair was open for Public Viewing at the Barber Hall, Waldegrave Street, Palmerston North on
Saturday 20th August, 10am to 4pm and
Sunday 21st August, 10am to 12pm.

The Awards Ceremony was held at the Huia Centre, Palmerston North Girls' High School, Huia Street, Palmerston North on Saturday 20th August, starting at 6:30pm with doors opening at 6:00pm.

A detailed list of information for fair participants and teachers can be found on our FAQ page.